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           ADALOG LOGISTICS was established to produce sector-oriented services, to create logistics models that business partners in the sectors need in order to increase their competitiveness, and to produce effective, simple, fast and low-cost solutions on these models. It is a technology-based logistics service company that integrates distribution, storage, transportation and value-added customer service processes with the aim of producing real B2B and B2C logistics solutions in Turkey.

           ADALOG LOGISTICS, which has set its goal to be among the top 5 logistics companies, is a logistics solution partner that develops models according to the focus of supply chain and demand-oriented logistics management, which has an important place in the competition, and develops logistics solutions that will increase customer satisfaction of business partners and put them ahead.

• Within the scope of integration of logistics processes: providing sector-oriented warehousing, transportation and distribution, e-logistics, value-added operations services from a single source,

• Within the scope of B-to-B and B-to-C distribution services on the distribution network: Within the scope of the sales strategy of the companies with which it is a solution partner, it offers advantageous cargo service by modeling it according to different demands in order to deliver its products to every point in Turkey quickly and at affordable costs,

• Within the scope of sea, land and air transportation: Providing international land/sea/air transportation services in order to provide services throughout the entire chain without breaking the chain, with special cooperation agreements it has made, for the companies it is solution partner to receive all services from a single source,