Express Tranportation

Express Transportation



Our express transportation service offers a guaranteed door-to-door delivery service to our customers for their transports up to 3.1 tons in weight.

For your export and import cargoes with terminals, your general cargo, dangerous and thermo cargoes will be available to all balkan countries in 24 hours and primarily Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Italy, France, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo with our minivan vehicles. We deliver expres service to all European countries within 48 hours.

With this express service with double chauffeurs, we compete over time without getting stuck on the bans applied on weekends or holidays, and we provide delivery in the shortest possible time with the most suitable route choices.

We are working diligently to support our customers’ commercial efficiency with our Adalog Transport Services, express transportation service.