International Land Transportation

International Land Transportation



International Road Transport

Adalog Transport Services main activity is road transport, with which the company is successfully dealing with for almost 20 years.

We offer complete transport solutions, whether it is a Complete (FTL) or Groupage (LTL) transport from Turkey to over the Europe, to the Balkan countries, Middle East and Turkish Republics, and vice versa.

Every week we organize Partial transport from Turkey, to all over the Europe, the Balkan countries, Middle East and Turkish Republics, and vice versa. Our services also include ADR transportation.

The Project transport department with Lowbed trailers can move Heavy transport up to 100 ton, and Oversize transport up to 5 metre in width and 20 metre in lenght, also providing Escort, Permits and Pilot Car services for all these countries.

Located near the Frankfurt – Airport we are able to offer Mini Van and Panel Van transport to all of Germany and Europe, as well as Express transport services available 24/7, 365 days a year.

In our fleet we have Semi-trailers, Frigo-trailers, Tilt Truck, Panel Van and Mini Van. We also have a Semi – trailers with various upgrades, Truck-Trailers ( Tandem Truck ), and Panel Van available for 4 -10 paletes to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

Thanks to a years long experience of our expert staff willing to give trouble-free services to our clients, Adalog Transport Services has become a regional leader in the transport sector. Permanent quality control of our services, unique to the whole company, helps us to surpass our customer expectations.

Adalog Transport Services, Because You are Special !!!