Transit Transportation

Transit Transportation

ADALOG Logistics provides transit transportation services with minivan vehicles between Turkey and European countries both in the field of import and export.

What is Transit Freight Transportation?

Transit freight transport means passing through the territory of a third country without being bound by customs while transporting from one country to another. To give a more detailed definition; It is the deferment of the customs duties of a cargo or the prohibitions of this cargo, the cargo entering those countries by land or sea route, passing through the country and going out of the country again from a land or sea point.

Transit freight transportation can cover a single transportation model today, or it can also include combined transportation, which is a model of transportation systems working together. Also, as an example, models such as roro ships, container transportation, transportation of liquids or some other substances through pipelines are among the transit freight transportation models that are valid in many countries.


Documents Required for Transit Freight Transportation

Transit cargo transport documents obtained from chambers of commerce are prepared separately for each transport vehicle. Every vehicle carrying cargo must also have a cargo document called CMR. In this document, information about the sender, the receiver, the nature of the cargo, its net and gross weight, the packaging format, the number of packages and the license plate of the vehicle are processed. At the cargo delivery point, the buyer approves this document and, if any, reports the damages and deficiencies regarding the transported cargo and delivers it to the transporter.

Countries that are parties to transit freight transport mutually set each other annual road pass quota and documents related to this are drawn up. These documents, which are required by law to be used by the transporters in the relevant country passages, must be obtained from the relevant country representatives of the International Transport Association.

Developments in Transit Freight Transportation

Transit freight transportation in our country started to develop in the 60s and experienced a great leap in the 70s. Among these developments, the increasing oil revenues of the Middle East countries and the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s were effective. When transportation revenues are compared, while the amount of revenue obtained from transit freight transportation was 300 million dollars in 1980, it increased to 600 million dollars in 1987. Today, this figure has reached a fixed capital value of 1.5 trillion liras. In this way, it is not only a source of income for approximately 2.5 million people, but also provides great support to the employment of our country.